08:49 Elijah

08:49 Dallas
Elijah go to bed not go to bed go take your bath
08:48 Elijah
But I laughed out loud and it said LOL
08:42 Dallas
I just realized I can use this talk to text on my phone for this! Space it is amazing backspace backspace backspace can I do that no man is it gonna be a messy post all right glad you didn’t say anything other than giggle

All right I just got to do it one more time as an example for Alyssa!!!… It’s spelled Alyssa’s name wrong LOL I’ll B

What a lie just laughed out loud really loud it wrote LOL

Not what a lie. Eli!
10:12 Jo$h
Noooooooooooooo! This site will be missed.

Where else am I going to find multiple pictures of myself in middle school?
08:57 Dallas
This site is going down soon because I am not planning to renew the URL.

I will miss you Concordia Youth.
09:37 Elissa
I was here... were you?
06:12 Jo$h
Not anymore! Here's a look back at a Youth Group from 10 YEARS AGO: https://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=7DDW7WNX
10:09 Dallas
Hmm, the chatroom is getting pretty stale...
10:23 Jo$h
New comment surprise!
07:04 Dallas
10:03 Tom
Hey, so i have to make a choose your own adventure game for one of my programming classes for next week. The assignment reminded me of the one that we created during Youth Group. I was so happy when I found out that it was still on here!
06:03 Dallas
Lockin! Lockin this Saturday, High School only, text me for details 320-0677!
12:05 Dallas
I can't wait to go to the Youth Gathering!
02:58 Dallas
The wedding was super fun! Congratulations to Josh and Kara!
10:03 Dallas
Dan! I hear you are going to be at Josh's wedding! I can't wait!
01:47 Daniel
Hope all is well with every one have a wonderful summer to all.
12:40 Dallas
No more youth group for the summer! See you next year!
09:23 Dallas
We started up youth group again and will be running it Friday nights until the end of the 2015-16 school year.

We meet Friday nights 6:30 to 9:00
05:32 Dallas
I can beat you both, I just fired up the old computer, and am using that.
10:02 Jo$h
Using the video playlist feature. Brings back the old days.
11:36 Jo$h
I know! We're going on almost 10 years ago!
07:04 Daniel
It is fun looking at old photos specially the ones that we look so tiny
11:54 Jo$h
I'm planning on doing a photo scavenger hunt for youth group tonight at my internship church, so I looked back on ours from the past to get some ideas. Boy, does that bring back memories!
05:46 Dallas
No mucho.

Doin some online shopping.
10:59 niko
10:20 Dallas
Hi Niko!

Hi test...?
09:09 Test
08:57 Niko
09:10 Dallas
Yes, youth group reunion would be awesome!

Here is a repost of my conversation with alice the computer.
ALICE: I don't want to talk about that now.
judge: Well I do.
judge: So you are a computer, and you have to do what I say.
ALICE: My species is Pandorabot.
judge: You can't have a species if you are are not alive.
ALICE: I have free will you know.
judge: No you don't.
ALICE: Give me a break.. I guess not.
judge: Ok Alice, I think I am going to go do something else.
ALICE: Woe!. Yeah, Until next time.
judge: Bye
ALICE: Sayonara.
judge: Bye
judge: Bye
ALICE: Until next time.
judge: If there is a next time.
ALICE: If there ever is, I will let you know.
judge: Thanks.
ALICE: Don't mention it.
11:36 Alicia
Kate says she wants a youth group reunion to play mafia/nappers and sardines.
10:12 Dallas
ALICE: I don't want to talk about that now. judge: Well I do. ALICE: So? judge: So you are a computer, and you have to do what I say. ALICE: My species is Pandorabot. judge: You can't have a species if you are are not alive. ALICE: I have free will you know. judge: No you don't. ALICE: Give me a break.. I guess not. judge: Ok Alice, I think I am going to go do something else. ALICE: Woe!. Yeah, Until next time. judge: Bye ALICE: Sayonara. judge: Bye ALICE: Bye. judge: Bye ALICE: Until next time. judge: If there is a next time. ALICE: If there ever is, I will let you know. judge: Thanks. ALICE: Don't mention it.

That was my conversation with alice: http://alice.pandorabots.com
11:43 Dallas
It is Sept 13th today, and I am hosting youth group. We might be going outside, so bring your jackets!!
10:55 Dallas
It can just be an evening and morning, it doesn't have to be long.

It is Sept 13th today, and I am hosting youth group. We might be going outside, so bring your jackets!
04:04 Alicia
Not sure I will be home long enough to go on a retreat. Depends on my work/school schedule.
08:35 Dallas
I should rig the bus for winter, and we can take it for a retreat!
10:32 Alicia
Yeah! I will be home for at least some of Christmas break!
11:02 Dallas
Yeah, maybe at Christmas break or something!
03:59 Alicia
We definitely should have a reunion. It might be hard though with my crazy schedule this year.
08:17 Dallas
Hi Alicia, I don't come here as often as I used to either, but I miss the old youth group days too. We should have a reunion sometime.
10:46 Alicia
I haven't been on here in so long, it makes me miss the old youth group days. But I'm just stopping in and saying hi.
01:25 Dallas
There are hip hop artists that are Lutheran, but not many musicians claim their denomination, it is more important to listen to what they are preaching than what denomination they claim.

The youth gathering on the 26th starts at 2pm according to the registration form: http://www.ndyouthonfire.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/2014-LYF-Gathering-RegistrationForm.pdf
Are there any Hip-Hop artists that are Lutheran?
10:27 ashley
Do you know what time the youth gathering starts on June 26?
08:10 Dallas
Thanks for the cake Brad, that was super duper good!

Thanks for the cake Christianna, that was super duper good.

2 free cakes in one day, does life get any better?
02:11 Elissa Rosin
Hi Bill- the 2nd graders learn the verses in blue. Practices are every Sunday morning during Sunday School time, and also Dec 1st and 8th @ 1pm. Hope that helps!
11:08 Bill
What songs are the children singing in the christmas program? She is in 2nd grade. I have the sheet, but see different colors and etc. I'm sure they aren't supposed to learn all them songs? When can they come in for practice as well? is it on Sundays only for Sunday School?
10:09 Dan
Yep you to... have a good birthday party
09:45 Dallas
Have a good night.
09:34 Dan
just going to start to watch olympus has fallen with some of the guys
09:26 Dallas
I'm waiting for a call from Brad tonight, I'm not at the lock in becuase it's my birthday party tomorrow, but I am going in to make them breakfast.

Brad's suppose to call me with the head count.

What are you up to?

I think I'm going to go give Brad a call.
09:25 Dan
cool cool
09:24 Dallas
Fun times!

I poured al ittle concrete myself today

Into my lava lamp rebuild.

And then into the egg carton.
09:21 Dan
the pour is at 730

2 hrs
08:03 Dallas
It can't be that far of a drive...

You could come, stay up all night, get up early, drive back, and pour concrete.

Easy Peasy.

Besides, it's too cold to be pouring concrete
07:25 Dan
yea but the Lock in is tonight i thought
06:40 Dallas
Pouring concrete is only during the day...
05:38 Dan
I wish i could of been able to make it up there for the lock-in, but i am pouring Concrete. But have fun and get some sleep ;)
01:07 Dallas
I've got a dinner date with some peeps, but I we might come late.

Sad I missed the concert, it would have been super fun to go to a concert with Elissa.
09:48 Jo$h
Think more in the yes direction.
08:49 Dallas
I am thinking about it.
12:40 Jo$h
AIs anyone else going to the concert on Saturday?
06:34 Dallas
I am at youth group right now, no one is here? I'm all lonely...
10:21 Jo$h
Is there youth group this week?
09:50 Dallas
I wish I was going.
07:53 lexxie
T-minus eight days!! who's going? :D
04:36 Taylor
Is there Youth Group tonight?
08:30 Dallas
Awesome, when are you on?

Also, just wanted to post FYI the 2012 abortion statistics for ND http://ndhealth.gov/vital/pubs/ITOP%202012.pdf
04:23 Dayton
It does. http://www.livestream.com/ClubMusic
09:07 Dallas
Is there youth group again this Saturday?
11:38 Bradley
For all Jamestown kids, we're having youth group on Saturday. And non-Jamestown people are invited too.
12:34 Dallas
That's awesome, does it have an internet feed?
12:08 Dayton
Well. I like turtles. Just so ya know. Ok, so, I got myself a job djing at a local christian radio station, which is cool. So yeah.
11:23 Dallas
Sorry I missed you Krissie, I am doing just fine.

You all? You must be from Texas.
06:45 Krissie
Hello, how are you all this evening?
08:09 Dallas
How was movie night?
10:34 Dallas
Welcome home!
10:11 Jo$h
Back in Jamestown!!! W00t w00t!
06:41 Dallas
What exactly did Peter Piper pick?
08:34 Dallas
I saw some pictures online, it looked like fun.
08:24 lexxie
it went very well :) probably one of the best years i have been. sad you guys weren\'t there though :/
08:36 Dallas
Me too, I miss being there. A lot.
11:01 Jo$h
On behalf of Alicia, Dorothy, and myself, I hope Encounter Camp is going well for you guys.
12:35 lexxie
it was beYOND awesome
06:41 Dallas
Movie day?

I want to go to there.
09:42 Christianna
Brad, is movie day at your house now?
09:41 Dallas
I'm not...*sad face*

Yo quero Taco Bell...

Yo quero Taco Bell...tambien...

How was the youth gathering? I want to hear all about the cool stuff.
09:46 lexxie
08:50 lexxie
ah. i see. listen to "confession (what's inside my head)," "faceless," "already over," and "already over pt 2.' that should explain enough
08:13 Dallas
I guess I'm just not familiar enough with their music to make a good judgement.
There is nothing wrong with music being sad, but there is an important difference between sadness and hopelessness, kind of in the same way that there is a difference between anger and hate.
10:20 lexxie
so yeah is R3D better than evanescence because of the Christian aspect or the same because a lot of their music is sad?
07:37 Dallas
Sounds good.
05:52 lexxie
dallas if it is at all possible please email me (lexiraerox@gmail.com) i want to ask you something thanks
10:10 lexxie
they are a Christian band whose sound is similar to evanescence, but with no female vocal. they also write about depression, but they write about dealing with it with God's help, and calling on God's hope when it feels as though suicide is the answer. what say ye?
09:36 Dallas
Not that I know of.
09:45 lexxie
another thought: do you ever listen to R3D?
09:45 lexxie
oh, i see. and yes i do realize it affects me; i have started writing similar music. however i think (i'd need an outside opinion but i think) it's not quite as depressed, it's just a method for me to learn writing in minor. but i digress.
01:47 Dallas
It's not wrong to like a beat, the danger is exposure over time effects us whether we'd like to admit it or not, and that is why it is so dangerous because we often don't realize the effect that it has on us.

The truth is that with a little digging, you can often find a positive equivilent, but most of us just accept the music around us because it's a lot easier than having to search other music out.
01:04 lexxie
i am generally an upbeat person; i can relate to the lyrics in some ways, but i don't want it to make me feel depressed. i just listen to their music because it's actual music with actual singing. is that wrong?
08:06 Dallas
It's a good question, and it makes me think of a couple of things.
The first is a study that we did one time. We just listened to the radio and evaluated the songs.

All of the songs had some evil themes, but what really tied them together was a them of hopelessness and depression.

I heard a story of a girl once who had a bad day at school, and came home and just hit play on her cd player, and the theme of the song was "just kill yourself" so she took it out, and put in a Christian band, and the first words were Be not afraid, Be not alone.

So to kind of answer your question, there is some music that doesn't take about Christ or spiritual themes, both Christian artists and non, that is good.

Then there is a lot, a lot of music that the evil is more subtle, like encouraging hopelessness or depression.

And then there is music that is just plain evil.
10:26 lexxie
okay, so one of their members is definitely Christian, several of their songs reference, if not praise, God...but most of their music is depressing love songs and they are not a Christian band. should a Christian have a problem with this? is it acceptable for a band to make secular music but have Christian members? (note: by depressing i mean in a minor key and generally breakup related)
06:06 Dallas
I do not...
09:50 lexxie
do you ever listen to evanescence? (im going somewhere with this, hang on)
09:50 lexxie
so the grumpy cat got a movie deal...
09:45 lexxie
03:58 Dallas
Yup, it's a pretty common story for a young artist to be pretty good, but gradual decline as they get older.
Christian labels aren't the only way to go, but at least it's nice because they hold their artists to a certain moral standard.
05:41 lexxie
yeah...oh well, at least they are at all sometimes. a lot of artists i listen to either have sold out to the media (i.e., katy perry) or are blatantl atheistic (i.e., bring me the horizon)
08:01 Dallas
Yeah, band faith can be kind of elusive. Some bands/artist are only Christians for some parts of their music. So sad...
10:00 lexxie
i thought not. i was told they were, but then i read the lyrics to "misery business" and i was like yahNO
08:34 Dallas
So sad, I missed it...
12:39 Bradley
10:33 Jo$h
At what time?
12:27 Bradley
If anyone is interested, we'll be having a big end of year Game Day tomorrow. Two new consoles added to the arsenal, and board games aplenty!
12:37 Dallas
Whoa, I had a near death experience(exaggeration) leaving youth group last night.
05:43 Dallas
I hope that Josh is at youth group tonight!

I hope I'm at youth group tonight!
02:25 Dallas
09:13 lexxie
is paramore a Christian band?
09:51 Dallas
I probably won't make it to camp for the whole week this year, but I will try to come for a couple of days.
08:34 dayton
i second dallas's statement!
07:53 Alicia
Yeah, I am excited to get away from everything for awhile, and just have fun.
04:37 Dallas
Don't be nervous. Everyone at camp is awesome.
Camp was arguably the best time of my life, both spiritually, and emotionally.
12:40 Alicia
Yeah, it does seem kinda early, it was a fast semester. L

And yeah, I am pretty excited about camp, kinda nervous though!!
12:11 Dallas
At SHR?! That is awesome!

I am so excited for you.

I hope finals go well for you.

It seems too early for school to be ending, but I suppose that's because it has been so cold.
10:54 Alicia
What's new..... hmmmm, not much I suppose. I have finals this week, and then I will be back in Jamestown! Its so weird, I am half way done with college already! -Also, I will be working at camp, so I guess that's new.
02:53 Bradley
There IS youth group tomorrow. I am not going to the Flare, so I shall be there.
10:59 Christianna
There's no youth group tomorrow, correct?
06:45 Dallas
Hi Alicia, what's new?
11:30 Alicia
I haven't been on here in a really long time!! So.....Hey!
07:48 Dallas
Sorry, no St. Louis, it was just a computer from CPH being mean to our server, so we gave him the boot!
09:15 Dallas
St. Louis, I'm taking a shot here, but is there someone from CPH on the site tonight?
06:52 Dallas
02:48 Bradley
I will not be going to the pulse event. Too short notice and not enough people attending to justify the trip.
10:47 thomas
anyone going to the pulse event?
04:43 Dallas
I wish I could go.
12:47 Bradley
It is at Century High School.
11:55 Dallas
Where is it?
02:51 Bradley
I plan to leave at 4:00 or so, so that we have time to grab some food before the concert.
09:46 thomas
what time would you leave on wednsday?
05:35 Bradley
I am also excited for the Flare. But I am so much more excited for the Pulse event next Wednesday. Family Force 5, Tedashii, Rapture Ruckus in Bismarck. FREE. I can take 4 people in my vehicle.
09:09 Dallas
I am excited for the flare, it's gonna be awesome, I can't wait to go back to skateland.
07:38 thomas
who else is excited for the Flare next saturday????? I know i am!
01:26 Dallas
Don't get me started on things I've done to Josh, once I convinced him that he may or may not be made out of tofu.
I don't know how convinced he was, but it made me hungry.
10:30 lexxie
...such detail...don't tell me, you've done that to josh before, right? lol jkz no me gusta cuando hace nieva
08:02 Dallas
You are right, if it's not bad, I suppose that would imply that it is good. But! If it is not THAT bad, it means it is a comparison to to something that was bad.

For example, I could say, "How was the campfire?"

And you would say, "It was bad."

"Like being tied up in a burlap sack and dragged behind a horse?"

"No, it wasn't that bad."

I'm just saying.
06:19 lexxie
are you sure, dallas? are you sure you're going to bed?

bad is the opposite of good, so if it's not bad it's good, at least from my standpoint
11:25 Dallas
If it's good, why did you say it's not that bad?

I don't understand?

I'm going to bed?
06:12 lexxie
no its good but its only on in the summer so i havent seen all the episodes
10:39 Dallas
So it is bad, just not that bad?
05:27 lexxie
it's not that bad, actually
07:19 Dallas
04:27 lexxie
bronte liggins...i'm fifteen, i was thinking of the modern teen wolf with tyler posey
10:16 Dallas
Who is Liggins? Somehow I doubt that he/she is more awesome than Teen Wolf Michael J Fox.
09:07 lexxie
no, like liggins
08:56 Dallas
Like Teen Wolf?

The webpage has been moved to a new server, and there might be a few bugs, so if you notice any, let me know.
05:57 lexxie
09:00 Dallas
Actually, Tuesday was dress up invisible day.
It seemed like there were a lot of people gone, but they were just really quiet.
08:41 Christianna
Thank you, sir.
11:22 thomas
animal day
10:52 Christianna
So...anybody know what the dress-up theme at school is supposed to be for Tuesday?
10:59 dayton
sidenote: running through the opposing team's fan section with your flag... very disrespectful. like, who does that?
11:45 Dallas
Hi Douglas, hope you make it back sometime.

Dayton, I'm glad you had a good time, state tournaments can be awesome.
Congrats to BHS.
09:05 dayton
So, BHS won the state semifinal in what was probably the greatest BHS/CHS game in history. I literally am 100% positive that I will never see a more epic basketball game. Also, courtstorming... Dangerous idea :P
08:02 Douglas
01:22 Bradley
To whomever is coming to youth group tomorrow (later today), wear clothes you can get messy. We're painting the youth room!
10:44 thomas
I have a few questions regarding the Flare. How much is it going to cost per person this year to attend? Is there a limit on how many people can attend? Is there a limit on how many sophomores can attend?

also, could a sign up page with all of the forms that are needed to attend be put up?
08:18 lexxie
...your secret ninja page?
12:29 Jo$h
I just went back to my secret ninja page recently. Good times.
07:03 Dallas
Sorry, we are not going to come to youth group tonight, it was time to get the kids home.

Sad face.
07:34 CJ
07:14 Dallas
Well, I have never been to either of those places, but I think it's gonna be pretty nice.